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Writer of Black Sci-Fi, Crime Drama, & Afro Literature
An Exciting Sci-Fi Pulp Novel!
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About The Writer

 Gavin Matthew is a lifelong writer of the fantastical. He has successfully written screenplays for independent filmmakers, short stories for anthologies, and his own self-published novel Cluth's Call

 An author who writes tales and worlds rich with culture, Gavin believes in the power of representation. His stories exist to inspire other people to fulfill their dreams. They are activism through art and follow the idea that everyone should be able to see themselves in all genres of any creative medium. While his writings span across screenplays and theatre, he maintains a strong love for the worlds that literature creates.

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Sequel 1:
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An Afro Sci-Fi Novel


Sequel 2:
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My Books

Honored Review of Cluth's Call

"Cluth's Call is an engaging blend of 70s style, activism, and cosmic horror. It doesn't sound possible, but Gavin pulls it off. A good read for cosmic horror fans and those new to the genre."

---- Milton J. Davis, Veteran Black Speculative Author & Owner of MVmedia


Other Featured

Train, Pain, & Naturals 
A Spyfunk! Short Story

When Black Power novelist Ron "Slim" Carter finds himself in possession of a secret list of clandestine activity he is sent running out of Harlem. Finding himself onboard the Golden Rush, a train bound for Kansas City, he encounters the underground activist and action heroine Sistah Patricia. The action jumps off as bullets and fists start to fly when the duo faces off against a crew of assassins! If you don't think Patricia and Slim are where it's at, then come check it out and see just how badd these two superfly cats can be! Enjoy a piece of the action! And if you dig it, then go ahead and pick up the whole jam with MVmedia! Found only in the Spyfunk! Anthology edited by Milton Davis. (Credited as Gavin Matthews)

A Reason to be Cool 

A Defective Detective Short Story

The final story of three crime/drama yarns found in The Case of the Defective Detective collection by Pro Se Productions, A Reason To Be Cool is an intriguing tale that follows the misfit Harlem detective Wallace "Rats" Grim. Wallace, a Harlemite with his own brand of issues, becomes the only chance for an activist mother whose daughter has been kidnapped. The Black P.I. battles the growing tide of his own demons as he follows his instincts into darkness and trouble. He's not Truck Turner. He's not John Shaft. Wallace isn't even Dolemite or all that outtasight. But he is the last hope for Harlem child Harriet Wells. And for him, she is more than a reason to be cool.

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