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Cluth's Call
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 Gavin Matthew is many things. He is a skater, a teacher, an angoleiro, a lover of Funk music and 70's aesthetics, an author and most of all a lifelong writer. His first official publication was through a contest in 2008 where his poem, May It Be Piracy Or May It Be Freedom, came out victorious. Following his growth he has successfully written screenplays for independent series, short stories for anthologies, and his own self-published novel Cluth's Call

 An author who writes tales and worlds rich with culture, Gavin believes in the power of representation. His stories exist to inspire other people to fulfill their dreams. They are activism through art, and follow the idea that everyone should be able to see themselves in all genres of any creative medium. While his writings span across screenplays and theatre, he maintains a strong love for the worlds that literature creates.


Sequel 1:
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An Afro Sci-Fi Novel

Sequel 2:
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"Cluth's Call is a wild rollercoaster of a read that keeps you on the edge of your seat with plenty of thrills and swashbuckling action!"

"Moves at a blistering pace.....hard-pressed to find a single dull moment!"

"Has quirky and colorful characters that blend seamlessly into the narrative."

Pikasho Deka,

Readers' Favorite



  • A Reason to be Cool from the The Case of the Defective Detective anthology by Pro Se Productions

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