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Welcome to the World Where Marigold Exists!

Updated: Mar 15

Come find out about the reality where Cluth's Call occurs.

Greetings readers!

I am Gavin Matthew, the author of Cluth's Call and it's coming sequels. I appreciate the time you are taking to find out about the little world I have created. In Cluth's Call we witness supernatural entities battle an international organization dedicated to protecting the Earth and it's inhabitants.

O.R.I. is an ancient cadre born in the heart of Africa to shield the world from demons, cultists, and the malignant unknown. As time continued, the organization expanded it's influence all over the world by forming secret alliances within the nations they operated. O.R.I.'s wealth and power is wielded with strict limitations, but they use enough to set the boundaries of their own jurisdictions.

Taking place in 1974, Cluth's Call follows two of O.R.I.'s most talented operatives as they encounter an otherworldly entity known as Cluth (ˈkləth). The struggle features high octane action and an intriguing gallery of characters. Most of all, it sets the stage for a whole series to unfold. In the universe where this tale plays out there are supernatural wars, metaphysical power struggles, and so much more at odds all over the globe. The fictional chocolate city of Marigold, Missouri gets the privilege of hosting the premiere adventure that is Cluth's Call.

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